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What number do I call if my child will be absent or late for school?
When your child will be absent or late for school always call the Safe Arrival number at 608-204-1406.

In addition to the classroom teacher, your child interacts with many Elvehjem staff members-for example: Reach staff; physical education; music; etc. The safe arrival number was setup to ensure all appropriate staff are notified of the child's absence or tardiness. Therefore, it is important you call the safe arrival number and not the child's classroom teacher.
Please leave the following information:

  • Name of child
  • Status-Absent or Tardy
  • Date
  • Classroom Teacher
  • For Tardy students, will take hot or cold lunch

Excused Absences
Please remember to provide a REASON for your child's absence when you call the Safe Arrival line. If no reason is provided, your child could be marked as unexcused. Also, if you know ahead of time that your child will be absent for a season other than illness/appointment or if your child will be absent for multiple days )example - a preplanned vacation), please use the Excused Absence Request Form so that the absences are excused. This form also assists with planning for make-up work with teachers.

Does my child's lunch account always need a positive balance?
Yes, you must keep a current balance in your child's account to eat breakfast/lunch. Reduced students must also stay current. Prices are on the back of the menus that come out each month and are in your handbook.  Please check your child's backpack for notes and money envelopes regarding negative balance due amounts.

You can also pay for your child's meals through Mealpay Plus

Where can I get a list of events for the school year?

Events are included on our calendar that shows up on the home page.  You can also get a complete list of events here.