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Frequently Asked Questions, General School Information – Questions and Concerns

Who do I call?

Attendance absence or late arrival and the reason: Call the Safe Arrival Line at 608-204-1406
Calls other than attendance/student messages: Call the Office at 608-204-1400
Bus questions/concerns or schedule changes: Call Badger Bus at 608-222-9883
Food Service questions, account balance: Call Corene at 608-204-1420
Parent concerns, Class room issues: Call 204-1402 to get to the auto attendant, than put in your class room teacher ext. or email your class room teacher. The teacher is always the first resource in resolving student or class related issues.
Concerns about Referrals, Section 504, or Mental Health questions: Call Ms. Urban, School Psychologist, at 608-204-1460
Concerns about attendance, community resources, concerns about your child: Call Ms. Markwiese, Social Worker, at 608-204-1461

Other FAQs

I need to pick my child up early. Send a note or email the teacher.  Stop in the office, sign out your child and office staff will call your child down.

My child’s after school plans are different than usual. Send a note or email the teacher.  

My child wants to ride the bus home with another child. A note from the parent needs to be taken to the office to date and initial.

My child want to ride his/her bike. You must be in the 4th or 5th grade. Stop in the office for a bike form.

I want to bring birthday treats for my child. Contact your child’s teacher.  Please follow the MMSD Wellness Policy.

My child needs to take medication at school. A Parent form and Dr. form will need to be completed. Call the Health Office @ 204-1409.

We are going out of town and my child is staying with grandparents. Please let the teacher and office know of this change along with appropriate emergency contact information.

Where do I look for school information? Stay informed through the website, monthly parent newsletter and the weekly classroom newsletter

Can I get contact information for other parents/classmates for play dates or birthday party invites? A Student Directory will be sent home

Can I have lunch with my child? Let the teacher know you are planning on coming in. Call the office before 9:00 a.m. to let them know of your lunch choice, if needed