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Volunteers are a very important component of the education process. The donation of your time, talents, skills, experiences, warmth and attention will be of great benefit to our students, our most precious resource. Volunteering can take many forms - from reading with a child to spending a weekend night at the Fun Fair!  Click here to see how you can help.  If you are able and interested, please complete the attached form and turn it into the office if you are interested in volunteering.

If you are volunteering within classrooms at Elvehjem School, please keep the following guidelines and procedures in mind:

  • Please sign in at the office and pick up a Volunteer Badge.  We need to know that you're here!
  • Always wear your Volunteer Badge - it identifies you as a volunteer, someone who is authorized to be in the building and familiar with school policies.  The wearing of the Volunteer Badge allows you to be readily recognized by both students and staff.
  • Please be reliable and dependable!  The staff and students with whom you work count on your participation and talents.  Please contact the school office if you will not be able to volunteer on a particular day.
  • Please remember that your work as a volunteer is confidential.  Parents, friends or community members may in good faith ask you questions about the progress or problems of a student, knowing that you are a volunteer.  Please refrain from public discussion of individual pupils, teachers and staff.
  • Remember it takes an entire community to teach our students.  We truly value our volunteers.

As a volunteer, you will make many valuable contributions to our school. You will help support individual and small group instruction, share areas of special expertise, help children develop a more positive attitude toward school and academic achievement, provide human resources from the community for enrichment of the school program and develop greater citizen awareness of the quality of our educational programs and issues facing public schools today. THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING AT ELVEHJEM SCHOOL!