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Madison Metropolitan School District

Traffic Safety Guide

Please read this guide and decide on a plan for getting your child to and from school in a way that is safe for all.

Morning drop-off

For school security, we are asking parents to remain outside the school and let their children walk through the doors themselves.

Afternoon pick-up. Teachers need to hand off students to parents to ensure the safety of all students.

  • Parents picking up students at the end of the day will wait for their students by the grade level exit door.

  • Teachers will walk all students out to each bus, and then will walk students to their parents. Staff will wait for parents for a short while (5 minutes or so). After that they will escort students to the office area where they can be supervised until parents arrive.

If you walk or bike to school

  • Thank you for reducing the number of vehicles outside the school! When your child walks, they enjoy exercise and fresh air. If you cannot walk your child yourself, ask a neighbor who is already walking with their children to take your child.

  • Always use the crosswalks and crossing guards to cross streets—do not cross mid-block. Cross East Buckeye only with the crossing guard or at the crosswalk.

  • Lock bicycles in the bike racks. All bike riders should wear helmets.

  • MMSD policy states that students must be in at least 4th grade to ride their bicycle to school without being accompanied by an adult. The Principal may approve individual written requests by a parent/guardian of a younger student.

Observe all street signs and obey all traffic and pedestrian laws

  • “No Parking” areas do allow for drop off or pick up, BUT you cannot leave your car unattended!

  • “No Stopping, Standing or Parking” means just that. Student drop off/pick up is NOT allowed In these areas.

  • It is illegal to park within:

    • 4 feet of a driveway

    • 10 feet of a fire hydrant

    • 15 feet of a crosswalk

    • 30 feet of a stop sign

  • According to state law, motorists must yield the right of way to pedestrians crossing a street at any marked or unmarked crosswalk where there is no traffic signal. Pedestrians do not have the right of way when crossing mid-block. Please use designated crosswalks.

  • It is illegal to double park to drop off/pick up your child, even if you remain in the car. This disrupts traffic and is not safe.

  • The speed limit drops to 20 mph whenever you approach and drive through a school area.

Madison Police will ticket anyone who breaks these laws while dropping off or picking up children at school.

Car exhaust blowing into people's faces with a red cross through it saying don't

Turn off Your Engine

One minute of idling produces more carbon

monoxide than the smoke from 3 packs of cigarettes.

Parking Map - described in page text

Adult crossing guard on E. Buckeye and Droster

Academy Drive

  • School side: The area signed “No Parking” (shown as cars with open passenger doors) is for dropping off and picking up while remaining with your car. Do not leave your car unattended in No Parking are- as. Do not drop off in any areas signed “No Stopping Standing Parking.” School buses drop off in front of the school, so please use the drop-off and pick-up zones.

  • Across from school: Do not drop your child off in the areas signed “No Stopping/Standing/Parking”. The street in front of the school is very narrow, and there is not enough room for fire trucks to get through. Walking across mid-block in front of the school is dangerous due to low visibility.

  • Children and adults should always cross with the crossing guard or at the marked crosswalk. Adults should set a good example and also cross with the crossing guard or at the marked crosswalk when they are not with their child.

Crossing Guard Icon

 Student crossing guard

No Parking Icon

 No Drop-off/Pick up
(No Stopping, Standing, or Parking)

Car Icon

 Drop-off and Pick-up, only (No parking). Do not leave car unattended.


P  Recommended Parking

If You Drive to School

We encourage parents to park, drop off, or pick up a couple blocks away. This helps reduce traffic congestion and gives your children additional exercise. If you do park, drop off, or pick up your children near the school, follow these guidelines.

Painted Post

Thank you for choosing to park/drop off on Painted Post to reduce traffic congestion on Academy Dr. and give your children a chance to walk. Do not drop off or pick up within 15 feet of the cross- walk, so pedestrians have a clear view of traffic.


Thank you for choosing to park/drop off on Vondron to reduce traffic congestion on Academy Dr. and give your children a chance to walk. Do not drop off or pick up within 15 feet of the crosswalk, so pedestrians have a clear view of traffic.

Academy Dr

You may drop off/pick up child on Academy Dr near the baseball diamond and field. Do not leave your car unattended.