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Madison Metropolitan School District

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions, General School Information – Questions and Concerns

Who do I call?

  • Attendance absence or late arrival and the reason - Safe Arrival Line: 608-204-1406

  • Calls other than attendance/student messages - Office: 608-204-1400

  • Bus questions/concerns or schedule changes - Badger Bus: 608-222-9883

  • Food Service questions, account balance - 608-204-1420

  • Parent concerns, classroom issues - Call 204-1402 to get to the auto attendant, then put in your classroom teacher ext. or email your class room teacher. The teacher is always the first resource in resolving student or class related issues.

  • Concerns about Referrals, Section 504, or Mental Health questions - Ms. Urban, School Psychologist, 608-204-1460

  • Concerns about attendance, community resources, concerns about your child - Ms. Parker, Social Worker, 608-204-1461

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