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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Welcome to Elvehjem Elementary School!

At Elvehjem we work hard to provide positive learning experiences, relationships and engagement for all of our students. We have long standing traditions that include high-quality academic programs paired with a strong sense of community among families, staff and students. As we continue to strive to create a warm and welcoming environment, we encourage all of our families to become active participants in the learning process. The entire Elvehjem staff looks forward to establishing a strong educational partnership with you for the benefit of your child. Staff members are committed to challenging every student academically in an environment that is child-centered, safe, culturally responsive and supportive of learning. Clear communication between home and school is a necessary link to the learning process.

Elvehjem Elementary School is a four-year-old kindergarten through fifth grade school located on Madison’s east side. Elvehjem Elementary is a microcosm of society, reflecting the diverse needs found in many large school systems today. Through hard work and commitment by teachers, support by parents and utilization of strategic district resources and programs, the overall academic performance remains high. More importantly, we believe our students will have the academic foundation necessary to be college, career and community ready.

School mission statement

We believe we need to create learning environments that allow for building deep relationships, recognizing unique needs and talents, and providing support for each student to successfully engage in learning to maximize their potential.

Students smiling

A student listening to a teacher reading a book

Elvehjem Equity Vision

School Year Motto: What you do shows who you are.

At Elvehjem, we intentionally commit to recognizing students’ strengths and maximizing their potential by nurturing deep, reciprocal relationships, and developing a strong sense of identity and belonging within our community. We collectively develop environments that disrupt inequities and value equitable opportunities for African American and Multiracial students to engage in rigorous learning opportunities.